Pre-Nursery Syllabus Notes with Question and Answer

Pre-Nursery Syllabus Notes
Pre-Nursery notes with Question and Answer Mid and Final term syllabus year 2014-2015, The Subject are English oral reading and writing a to z, colour name, part of body, animals name, fruits name,vegetable name, vehicles name, birds name. Duass, for an enhancement of knowledge, before starting any work, before sneezing,1st kalma. Urdu, mere rangeen Qaida by EEP. Math oral, learn the counting, shapes name, missing numbers, count and write, match the number, count and match, count and colour, circle the correct number. Drawing colouring pasting and painting. Islamiat, Conversation, General Knowledge, Urdu, Nazmain: Mano bari Achi mano, Ramazan k roze, Nani tere morni ko, Machli jal ki rani hay.Rhymes: a bit of paper, row your boats, baa baa black sheep, jack and jill, a complete syllabus sample for Pre-Nursery Children. This pdf is scan from used document not available anywhere, And Syllabus of Mid-Term Class Pre- Nursery year 2014 2015, in this syllabus Reading a to z written small alphabets randomly c, o, i, h, b. Math oral and written. Drawing (colouring, pasting, painting) Islamiat Question and Answer.Rhymes, I love you, you love me, Hichory dichory dock. Part of the body, If  you happy and you know and you.Choti si motor ke under, Hathi Jhoomtha Phala, Har din rat ko jaldi sote, Jungle Janwer khelty hain, Phonic sound. Download or read online pdf copy  from given below link end of a post. 

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