Zarparast Sarparast Novel by Dr. Saleem Khan

Zarparast Sarparast novel by Dr. Saleem Khan PDF free download or read online.Dr. Saleem Khan’s novel “Zarparast Patan” is a social novel about a man who sacrifices his moral values ​​for wealth and power. The main character of the novel, Umar, is born in a poor family, but through his hard work and dedication, he becomes a successful businessman. Omar’s success makes him a wealthy and influential person, but it also makes him a greedy and selfish person.

Omar’s arrogance destroys his relationships with his family and friends. He begins to ignore his parents and wife, and he also withdraws from his friends. Umar’s arrogance makes him a ruthless and cruel person. He exploits the people working in his business, and he is not afraid to destroy his opponents.

Eventually, ageism destroys him. He fails in his business, and he also becomes estranged from his family and friends. Omar realizes his actions, and tries to atone for his mistakes. However, his efforts prove futile, and he ends his life.

زرپرست سرپرست ناول از ڈاکٹر سلیم خان 

The novel “The Guardian” is an important novel that highlights the dangers of wealth and power. The novel shows that wealth and power can lead a man away from his moral values, and it can make a man a destructive person.

Lust for wealth and power can lead a person away from his moral values. Criticism can make a person selfish and ruthless. Lust for wealth and power can destroy a person.

The novel “The Guardian” is a novel that makes people aware of the dangers of straying from their moral values. This novel teaches people that wealth and power should always be subordinated to their moral values. You can also Mastani Urdu Novel By Monas Khan PDF Download And Sher Dil by MA Rahat.


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