Zard Zamanon Ka Sawera By Nabeela Abar Raja Novel PDF

Zard Zamanon Ka Sawera is an Urdu novel with two books in it composed by Nabila Abar Raja pdf free download or reads online., a setup Urdu Novelist and Struggling Dramatist. The other novel in this book is Mujhe Aitbar-e-Wafa Mile. In this novel, the essayist has perfectly portrayed a major issue in our general public, the manner in which we treat stepchildren, embraced children or vagrants. This is an excellent social, sentimental story. The story is about the young lady’s emotions about affection and devotion. It featured some different issues in our general public which the individuals are looking in routine life. Zard zamanon ka sawera is an account of an equivalent vagrant young lady who was raised by her uncle and her cousins frequently utilized her as a shield to cover their own mistakes and dishonest acts.

Nabeela Abar Raja Novels

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