Zaaton Ka Encyclopedia By E Douglas MacLagan Urdu Book PDF

Zaaton Ka Encyclopedia by E Douglas MacLagan and Urdu translation Yasir Jawed. Best online Urdu books collection PDF free download or reads online from our website. The author informed about the local place where there are the critical throws and their full tree. He clarified the huge accomplishments of the considerable number of clans and talked about the job of their legends. E.D Maclagan took a large portion of the information from a report produced by some British officials during the crown rule in India. This unique content distributed in English with the title of A Glossary Of Tribes And Casts Of Punjab And NWFP. The book gives insights concerning numerous well-known clans, groups, and stations who are living in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Edward Douglas Maclagan was a senior government official who served in India for a long time. He chipped away at various posts in different zones of India. In the interim, he had someone of a kind data about the populace in India. Yasir Jawad is an acclaimed essayist and interpreter who created numerous books.
Zaaton Ka Encyclopedia book

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