Yoga Exercises & Fitness Book With Picture In Urdu PDF


Yoga Poses Sab Ke Liye by Sadaf Naz

یوگا سب کے لیے 
صدف ناز
Free download Yoga Exercises, Fitness and method Urdu book with picture Yoga Sab Ke Liye written by Sadaf Naz, the guide to Yoga Poses and Meditations for beginners. A complete Yoga training and course with different exercises book in PDF format. The highlighted topic in this book is What is yoga, History of yoga in Urdu, Yoga Poses & Positions, breathing exercises, old yoga information, philosophy of yoga, and more total nine chapter, Are bodily postures that endeavour your complete body. an easy and complete reference consultant for yoga practitioners of all stages. Total 144 pages and PDF file size 6.3 MB .
Yoga Sab Ke Liye by Sadaf Naz

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