Yeh Khamoshi Kahan Tak by Lt. General Shahid Aziz


Pakistani Secret Corruption Stories Book in Urdu

یہ خاموشی کہاں تک

جنرل شاید عزیز

Free download Urdu Pakistani secret corruption stories Urdu book,  title name Yeh Khamoshi Kahan Tak Authored by Leftenant General (retd) Shahid Aziz. This book is not about the military takeover. Absolutely, the concentration is not General Musharraf or even the Army. It is a book about the human experience of life; the account of a powerless man staggering through his life; pushed by his feelings of dread and dragged by his yearnings; torn separated by affection, rising above with time. deep study Pakistan Secret political (Siasat) and Pakistan Army story in this e-book in local Urdu language. Read story about Gargil operation, GHQ, Significant strategic effects, Voice chief of army staff General Pervez Musharraf, General Zia Butt, Army senior officer, Secret meeting, Afghan Taliban in Pakistan,Kashmir Issue, National Security Council, Security clearance, Weapons and Technical Directorate (W & E), Enlightened Moderation story in Pakistan, The character of western NGOs, NAB, Corruption Mafia. Read more download complete book from this blog.

Pakistani Secret Corruption Stories Book in Urdu

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