Yazid Ki Shakhsiat By Maulana Muhammad Abdul Rasheed


یزید کی شخصیت

مولانا محمد عبدالرشيد نعمانی
Yazid Ki Shakhsiat Maulana Muhammad Abdul Rasheed
Free download or read online  biography  book “Yazid Ki Shakhsiat” written By  Maulana Muhammad Abdul Rasheed Nomani. Yazid ibn Muawiya 20 July 647 – 11 to November 683, ordinarily known as Yazid I, was the second Caliph of the Umayyad Caliphate (and the first through legacy). Yazid was the Caliph as named by his dad Muawiyah I and ruled for a long time from 680 CE until his passing in 683 CE.


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