Yahud, Maghrib aur Musalman by Dr Ubaidulllah Fallahi PDF Book

Yahud, Maghrib Aur Musalman by Dr Ubaid Ullah Fallahi  download a free pdf copy of thus Urdu book or read online. Civilizations are the hard work of humanity and fascinating humanity. Each group has a natural commitment to its civilization. Unless his civilization fails, he remains unaware of other civilizations. When an external civilization begins to stress it, the society arises for the protection of its civilization and strives to prevent anti-civilization from being influenced by its civilization. This deformation is often used as a shocking conflict, and if the power of immune interferes remains, the cold war begins against the prevailing society. Because one of the two does not get the exact edge. Otherwise, a new civilization comes in which the integrated society is integrated. The researchers also see Islam and Prophet Islam in this view and are trying to fight it. The commentary titled “Jewish West and Muslim” is a reference to Dr Ubaid Ullah Fallahi, in which he has made an awakening for the economic, military and intellectual controversies against the Western Jews. Allah Almighty is to accept that person’s work in his favour and increase his beauty. Now download this book from the end of this post.
Jewish West and Muslim

Dr. Ubaid ullah Fallahi Book

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