Workshop Safety Rules and Instructions Manual ISO Urdu PDF Booklet


According to Quality System Manual User Safety in Urdu

ورکشاپ سیفٹی مینوئل
 ارشد علی طاہری

Safety Rules Instructions Urdu

Free Download PDF booklet about general safety rules or (Hifazati Hidayaat baraye Workshop) according to quality system manual user safety in Urdu for Mechanical Equipment safety training course by Arshad Ali Tahiri General Manager Production International PLE Company. read workplace safety tips and safety precautions for Technical Engineers, Staff, Students, and helper, These basic and Important rules will help keep you and others technical person at the safe in the workplace. A basic workshop safety rules and safety tips for work in Urdu must read before using the Machines. Guideline and distinguished dangers included when utilizing devices and gear. A safety Training or workshop safety rules and regulations literature in Urdu. Now get PDF or read online from this blog. You may read A Text Book Of Motor Winding and Lathe Machine Turner in Urdu.

The following subject safety precautions in a workshop in this booklet.

  • Operating instructions of Drilling Machine
  • Operating safety instruction of Electric Welding Plant
  • Tool Grinder safety instruction
  • Operating Instruction of Lath Machine (Khurad Machine)
  • Work Instruction for Machinist (Hidayaat Baraye Mashine Operator)
  • Work Instructions for Painter
  • Safety Instructions for Welder
  • Safety Tips for Store Manager 
Safety tips Electric Welding
Safety tips drilling machine

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