Waris Shah Kalam or Poetry in Punjabi and Urdu PDF Book Download

کلام وارث شاہ
 مولانا غلام حسن قادری

Free Urdu book Kalam Hazrat Peer Syed heer Waris shah collect by Alhafiz Qari Molana Ghulam Hassan Qadri and published by Ans publication Lahore. Read in this book Islamic sofi poetry or Shayari and biography of Syed Waris Shah, heer Waris shah Kalam or poetry in Punjabi with urdu language translated into Urdu language by Qari Molana Ghulam Hassan. Waris Shah was a Punjabi Sufi artist of Chishti arrange, prestigious for his commitment to Punjabi writing. Waris Shah was a quintessential craftsman, profoundly learned in Sufi and household social legend. It is said that the account of sentimental love is a wonderful articulation of the magical love of the human soul towards God.  Study complete life story and poetry of Sofi poet Waris Shah. 146 pages and pdf file 5 MB only for easy and fast download. Free internet online library gets free Urdu literature.  You may visit for more Urdu books Baba Bulleh Shah Poetry in Punjabi and Laikhan Di Phulwari

Waris Shah Poetry in Urdu and Punjabi  by Mulana Gulam Hassan:

The following topics in this book:

  • Peer Waris Shah Punjabi Kalam
  • Nam wa Nisb (Family Background)
  • Wiladat Ba sahat (Date of birth)
  • Starting Education and Training (Ibtadahi Taleem wa Tarbiat)
  • Batni Haloom ka Hasul
  • Sair wa Siyahat
  • Sasi Waris Shah
  • Barah Mah
  • Ibrat Nama
  • Mehraj Nama
  • Naseehat Nama
  • Ishter Nama
  • Wisal 
  • Heer ka Hassan
  • Ranjhe ki zat
  • Ishq Ka Roag
  • Marifat ka Khazana
Waris Shah Kalam book
Waris Shah Kalam Punjabi

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