Waqt Ka Safar by Nasir Mehmood PDF


وقت کا سفر 

اسٹیون ہاکنگ

 ترجمہ: ناظرمحمود

Waqt Ka Safar by Shahzad Ahmed

This is an Urdu version popular English book of “A Brief History of Time” written by Stephen Hawking’s. “Waqt Ka Safar” Urdu title name of this book and the Urdu translation by Nazir Mehmood and reviewed by Shahzad Ahmed.This book is all about the Time and Space.This Urdu book is science related by the western author.In this PDF book, Subject are Time and Space, spreading of Universe, information about Time, Black Holes, Atom and its nature, Basic physics and more info about Einstein and Galileo and Newton famous scientists.very informative topics about Science in Urdu. This Urdu book Most important for Students and teachers who study about this topic.Now download PDF copy or read online total file size is 1.9MB, click below links and get this Urdu Document.

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