Vegetable Farming In Summer Vegetables Cultivation Methods in Urdu


Garma Ki Sabzion Ki Kasht Vegetable Production Urdu Book

گرما کی سبزیوں کی کاشت

ڈاکٹر شاید نیاز 

Free Agriculture Urdu book in PDF farming techniques In hot weather or summer season in Asia. Garma Kie Sabzion Ki Kasht by Director Dr. Shayad Niyaz. Free download PDF or read online greenhouse farming or vegetable cultivation methods for successful farming in Pakistan. Learn methods of farming for growing a vegetable garden and also read the importance of farming vegetable agriculture or summer vegetable plantation tips and tricks and Answer Questions for vegetable farmers and read about worms and Insect Diseases and Treatment in local Urdu language. You may be read these agricultural books in Urdu Agriculture Complete Guidebook and Grapes Crop.
The following Vegetable cultivation methods in this Urdu book.
  • Karela Ki Kasht (Bitter melon or bitter gourd farming Method)
  • Bottle Gourd Cultivation
  • Kharboze Ki Kasht (Muskmelon Production)
  • Tarbooz Farming (Water Melon)
  • Baingan Brinjal Cultivation 
  • Tinda Gourd or Round Gourd vegetable 
  • Spong gourd 
  • Haldi ki Kasht ( Turmeric cultivation)
  • Peeta Kadu (Witte gourd)
  • Timatar Ki Kasht (Tomato Farming)
  • Mirch ( Chilli Production)
  • Lady Fingar farming (Bindi)
  • Keira ki Kasht (Cucumber Farming)
  • Tindi (Vegetable Marrow)
  • Cultivation of Halwa Kadu 
  • Production of Sweet Potato (Shakar Kandi)
  • Drying methods of Vegetable
  • Vegetable farming tips tricks and Answer Question in Urdu
  • Nutrition Facts  Calories, Cholesterol, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Carbohydrate, Protein, Vitamins, Cholesterol and Calcium.
  • Diseases and Treatment in Summar
  • worms and Insect Diseases 
Sabzion Ki Kasht

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