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Inpage Seekhiye by Maulana Rasheed Ahmed

ان پیج سیکھیے 

 مولانا رشید احمد

Free PDF copy of easy learning book “In page Seekhiye” written by famous Islamic writer Maulana Rasheed Ahmed. Learn In-page Urdu Writing Software and the first complete exercises and training book with picture diagrams for Student, Inpage Seekhiye book best useful tutorial step by step guide Course with lessons in Urdu, read how best method of Urdu writing exercises, learn how to create register or examination result and learn how to make book layout and newspaper layout in Urdu, the following chapter in this book.
  • How to install Inpage (Tareeqa)
  • Interface Introduction and Meaning
  • New Page Making
  • Document Preferences
  • Urdu Keyboard Preferences
  • User defined Keyboard for Urdu composing
  • Urdu Composing method (Tariqa)
  • Uses of Tool Bar
  • Hand Tool and Option Bar
  • Table Creating (Ferast Banana)
  • Define colors
  • Text Box, Text and Tile textBox
  • Use of Master Page
Read more download Complete course and Training book from here in PDF.
Inpage Seekhiye by Maulana Rasheed Ahmed

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