Urdu Ghazal Bam o Dar Collection of Best Ghazals by Aleem Usmani


Urdu Poetry Ghazals Book PDF Download or Read Online

بام و در

 ڈاکٹر علیم عثمانی

Ghazal book for free download or read online title name of this Urdu Shayari or poetry book is Bam o Dar written by Dr. Aleem Usmani and Internet Edition 2017 by Yasir Jamal Usmani.  This is Urdu best Ghazals book in PDF, read hit ghazals, sad ghazal and love ghazal in local Urdu language. Doctor Aleem Usmani is the very famous poet and Urdu literature writting  he also practice as a Hakeem and Homopethic doctor in india he also writes Urdu Naat and Nazam books and more work for Urdu Art or Adab in India Now doanload urdu ghazal poetry ebook or read ghazals online in Urdu from this blog total 157 pages and file size 2 MB. You may be read more Urdu poetry books like Harf e Akhir and Deewar e Girya by Anwar Masood .

Urdu ghazal book
Ghazals Book PDF

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