Udas Naslain by Abdullah Husain


اداس نسلیں

عبد الله حسين

This is the English adaptation of Urdu book ‘Udaas Naslein’. It’s ballsy of an Indian Muslim family’s history aural the accomplishments of India’s attempt for abandon and allotment of India which resulted in Pakistan(and Bangladesh). Much of the 1st bisected of the book is accustomed to claimed anecdotal with alone attenuate hints of political troubles. But after on it moves to awning added of the backroom and abandon attempt but access still charcoal as ablaze or basal touch. The story starts if Protagonist Naim has appeared aback from 1st apple war with one board arm. His ancestor dies. He is now affiliated to Ajra (daughter of Nawab Roshan Aga Khan). Naim’s alliance to Ajra makes him the buyer of ample breadth of acreage in RoshanPur Village. Couple lives there and he manages his backdrop and she helps him out. Aural a few months Ajra is missing the city-limits activity and there is cooldown in their relation. Ajra gets complex in Congress political activities and spends added and added time in Delhi. Naim as well spends some time in Delhi. 

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