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The demon Haunted World In Urdu By Carl Sagan 

توہمات کی دنیا

کارل سیگال

 ترجمہ: محمد عاصم بٹ

The demon Haunted World In Urdu

This IS Urdu Translation book of The Demon Haunted World written by Carl Sagan and Translate in the Urdu language by Muhammad Asim butt. The Demon-Haunted World is a group of essays by way of Carl Sagan. That you would be able to read it in a linear fashion, ‘episode by episode’ if you’re going to, or that you can jump around sporadically when you, like the leisure of the multiple-tab generation, endure from some slight varieties of awareness Deficit disorder. Possibly, had I no longer been in Pakistan, my urge to make this booklet known would no longer be so generic. Nonetheless, seeing as our world is rife with pirs, palmists, tarot and parrot card readers, psychics, voodoo medicine guys, religion healers and hakeems, this publication comes as a running stick; easily for the reason that as a global society we now have emerged as too crippled to fend for ourselves.

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