Traveluoge of Sindh by Altaf Sheikh PDF Download


Na Se Sarh Sakanh Sindhi Travel Story

نه سي سڙه سکاڻ

Traveluoge of Sindh by Altaf Sheikh PDF Download

Book title Na Se Sarh Sakanh is written Altaf sheikh in Sindhi languages, This is travel story of Altaf sheikh From Sindh India to China and Russia, He travelling All the world and write Lot of Sindhi Travelogue books, topic of this book; writing of Altaf Sheikh’s, Isq ji Ujrat nahi theendi, Sindh jo Sindbad, A story of Larkana,The tomatoes of Sindh and king of Iran, 70 year age Larkana,Fruit without Seed, Pari Nagar a beautiful Port (Bander gah). Mithi and Umerkot city, Shah Abdul Latif Dua for Sindh, The Thar Story, the weather of Sukkur, the school and college of Sukkur City. Complete Study downloads pdf of this travelogue or study online.

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