The Story of Civilization by Will Durant in Urdu PDF Free Download


Insani Tehzeeb Ka Irtiqa is Urdu translation most famous English book of Rousseau and Revolution The Complete Story of Civilization written by Will Durant and translated into the Urdu language by Tanveer Jahan this is Human civilization history Urdu book free download or read online. The Complete Story of Civilization by Will Durant speaks to the most extensive endeavour in our occasions to grasp the immense display of man’s history and culture. Now get pdf copy in the local Urdu language. The following chapter in this book
  •  Our Oriental Heritage
  •  Life of Greece,
  •  Caesar and Christ,
  •  Age of Faith, Renaissance,
  •  Age of Reason Begins,
  •  Age of Louis XIV,
  •  Age of Voltaire, 
  •  Rousseau and Revolution,
  •  Age of Napoleon, Reformation

Human History Urdu Book
Human History Book

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