The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PDF Urdu Story Book Free Download

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PDF book is an Urdu translation of a Story by English author Mark Twain which is a very popular novel. In this novel, a story was written on Tom Sawyer. It was published in the United States in 1876, 150 years before today. This book is the story of Tom Sawyer who grew up at the bank of a river.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PDF Story Book

Information about the life of Tom Sawyer:

The boy’s life was full of art and adventure. Together with his friend, he led several campaigns. On this page, we will provide you Urdu translation of the same book. This translation was published by Hamdard Foundation Karachi in 1995. After being translated into Urdu, Adventures of Tom Sawyer Book was renamed “Tom Sawyer ke karname”.

Publisher views about The Adventures of Tom Sawyer pdf:

Extracurricular books are very important for young children in which interesting stories are written. These books inculcate the habit of reading in children. It becomes easier for them to read Urdu.

In our Storybook, we have used simple Urdu. The style is very nice and interesting and the printing is very colorful. The price is also very reasonable. Our goal is to help you to train your children properly. The scientific and cultural training of children is very important. This good training is a guarantee of a good future. The Hamdard Foundation Pakistan stands with you in this noble cause and this PDF book is a continuation of that endeavor. Children are the capital of our nation and future. Today’s children will be tomorrow’s responsible citizens. Our Foundation wishes that tomorrow when our little ones grow up, they will be responsible citizens as well as aware of the manners of life.

The Adventures PDF Book writing style:

The credit for translating the PDF goes to Torakina Qazi. If you enjoy reading adventure and fiction stories, Tom Sawyer’s Adventures will be good for you. The author’s style will not let you get bored. These stories are full of suspense and will give you a lot of fun. In addition, these stories are very popular among children.

That’s why we converted this ultimate story Urdu book to PDF and uploaded it on our website Now you can easily download and read it yourself and share it with your friends. Read online or download from the links provided below. Enjoy these awesome stories. Use the comment box to let us know what you think about The Adventures of Tom Sawyer pdf. Thank you very much for visiting our website Good Bye.

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