A Text Book Of Motor Winding Guide In Urdu

موٹر وایٔنڈنگ بک گائیڈ

Free download or read online Technical Urdu book “A Text Book Of Motor Winding Guide Book In Urdu” written By  Sarfaraz Laead. Help Diploma of Associate Engineering (D.A.E) students about motor winding basic in Urdu. A guide to maintenance practices for small horsepower motors.covering construction control and maintenance, including armature winding.An electric motor is an electrical apparatus that converts electrical activity into automated energy. The about-face of this would be the about-face of automated activity into electrical activity and is done by an electric generator. In accustomed motoring mode, a lot of electric motors accomplish through the alternation amid an electric motor’s alluring acreage and ambagious currents to accomplish force aural the motor. In assertive applications, such as in the baseline industry with absorption motors, electric motors can accomplish in both motoring and breeding or braking modes to as well aftermath electrical activity from automated energy.

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