Teach Yourself The Art Of Good Conversation In Urdu


Achi Guftugu Ka Saleeqa by Shaheen Iqbal M A

اچھی گفتگو کا سلیقہ

 شاہین اقبال
Free Download another self improvement Urdu book “Achi guftugu ka saleeqa” this is Urdu translation book of The art of good conversation written by Eric Watson and translate in to Urdu by Shaheen Iqbal M A. Discussion is critical, imperative and fundamental. As Socrates once commented, “a man can talk his way to the highest point of the world.” The book will demonstrate to you proper methodologies to have a splendid and vivacious discussion on any subject and succeed. Also, will make another fearlessness in you and vitalize and breath life into your identity. Rules of talking, learn how speech or fun of speech or talking to other read in your local language. Kobsurat aur dilkash Guftagoo ke asool ki Kitab Urdu zuban me.

Achi Guftugu Ka Saleeqa by Shaheen Iqbal M A

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