Tazkeer-Al-Quran Urdu Translation and Tafseer By Wahiduddin Khan


Tazkeer ul  Quran Urdu with Tafsee r(Arabic – Urdu with Tafseer) by  Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, a book which carries happy news to humankind alongside perfect rebuke, focuses on the significance of man’s disclosure of truth on both otherworldly and scholarly planes. Each book has its target and the goal of the Quran is to make man mindful of the Creation plan of God. That is, to explain to a man why God made this world; what the intention is of settling man on earth; what is required from man in his pre-demise life expectancy, and what he will go up against after death. The motivation behind the Quran is to make man mindful of this reality, accordingly serving to guide man on his whole venture through life into existence in the wake of death. Tazkirul Quran is a commentary on the Qur’an, written in Urdu by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, in 1983. First published in Arabic in 2008 from Cairo as al-Tadhkir al-Qawim fi Tafsir al-Quran al-Hakim, the work has also been translated into Hindi and English. The English version was published by Goodword Books in 2011 as The Quran Translation and Commentary with Parallel Arabic Text.

تذکیرالقرآن مع تفسیر

Tazkeer Al Quran Urdu

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