Taweez Gandon Aur Jinnat O Jadu Ka Ilaj By Abu Adnan Muneer

Taweez Gandon Aur Jinnat O Jadu Ka Ilaaj written by Sheikh Abu Adnan Muhammad Muneer Qamar Tarjuman Superim court Saudi Arabia, complied by  Ansa Nabeela Qamar and Published by Tuheed Published Bangalore India. The Magic each type of treatment has been proven quoted the Quran and Sunnah. This is valid concerning the contentions of Magic Urdu book, alchemists influence human life, the assortment of human otherworldly Jadu inclined in spite of reality in the spring break black magic it is to ride on the cerebrum and each troublesome thing for black magic, black magic trigger nervousness and comprehend the malady itself. A best Islamic Urdu book about treatment and issues on Black magic. Treatment yourself of Magic in Urdu You may read Jadu Ka Ilaj Quran Wa Sunnat Ki Roshni Me and Kala Jadu Ki Haqiqat Aur Torh.
Jadu Ka Ilaaj

Jadu Ka Ilaaj kitab

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