Tareekh ul Khulfa by Imam Suyuti Islamic History Urdu Book PDF


تاریخ الخلفاء

Tareekh-ul-khulfa Imam Suyuti

 Tareekh Ul Khulfa Book Free Download

Download Islamic Khalifa history pdf book Tareekh-ul-Khulifa Author Name Hafiz jalal u din Abdul Rehman bin Abubakar Imam Suyuti and translated in Urdu by Hazrat Shams Barelwi, publish by Progressive books. Read online without any difficulty.This is one among the classic works on the khulafa-e-Rashideen authored by one among the leading students of his time. Imam Jalaluddin Al-Suyuti conjointly called Ibn al-Kutb (son of books) was associate in Nursing Egyptian author, a spiritual scholar adhering to the shafi’i madhhab, jural knowledgeable & teacher whose works modify a good style of subjects in Islamic theology. He was one among the foremost prolific writers in his era and is maybe the foremost well-known author of the latter times. He left behind a minimum of a book in each branch of Islamic science.

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