Tareekh Saltanat e Khudadad By Mehmood Khan PDF

Tareekh Saltanat e Khudadad

Tareekh Saltanat e Khudadad Mysore by Mehmood Khan Bangalore PDF Books free download or read online from this website. The Urdu book Tareekh Saltanat e Khudadad Pdf is a first-rate e-book on the history of Saltanat e Khudadad.

In this publication, the writer described the history, policies, wars, and governance of Saltanat e Khudadad. Tipu Sultan turned into a fantastic Muslim navy commander, reformer, and ruler of Mysore country.

He confronted the aggression of the East India Company and Maratha bravely and defeated them on the battlefield. Tipu Sultan becomes the person who set up the first modern welfare state in India. Here you may download Tareekh books in Urdu Pdf.

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Saltanat e Khudadad By Mehmood

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