Tareekh Aur Mazhabi Tehrekain by Dr Mubarak Ali Urdu Book

Tareekh Aur Mazhabi Tehrekain
Tareekh Aur Mazhabi Tehrekain (history and religions) written by Dr Mubarak Ali Urdu book free download in PDF format or read on the web. Mubarak Ali is a Pakistani student of history, extremist and scholar. he writes many Urdu books about history (Tarikh). His fundamental topic, in the majority of his books, has been that some history books written in Pakistan had been ‘directed’ by the decision class (the purported ‘Foundation in Pakistan’) and, in his view, those history books speak to ‘corruption of actualities’. You may read the History Of Women and Ulma Aur Siyasat
history and religions Urdu

history and religions book

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