Tareekh Ki Roshni by Dr Mubarak Ali Book in Urdu Download PDF


Tarikh Ki Roshni (The light of History) by Mubarak Ali book in Urdu free download in pdf format or study online from this Urdu library. Dr Mubarak Ali is a famous student of history, extremist and researcher of Pakistan. He has composed various Urdu books and articles on Indo-Pak history and has been generally acclaimed as an insurgent mastermind and antiquarian. He expressed in a meeting that “No valid history has yet been expounded on Pakistan and its freedom. There is a considerable measure of disarray among the supposed master Establishment students of history and educationists. Whatever has been composed so far is mutilation of history and completely unequal. Now get a pdf copy of this book from the end of this post. You may be read Tareekh Se Mukalima and Europe Ka Arooj

Mubarak Ali Book Urdu

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Mubarak Ali Book in Urdu

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