Tareekh jo Kafan by Amar Jaleel Book in Sindhi


Sindhi Short Stories by Amar Jaleel Tarikh jo Kafan 

تاريخ جوڪفن

امر جلیل

Asian literature stories in Sindhi, Free Download Book in the Sindhi language written by Amar Jalil in PDF format. This is Sindhi Afsany and  collection of Sindhi short Stories, Articles, and Speeches of Sindhi writer or Author Amar Jaleel, He writes many famous books in local Sindhi dialectic.Total 123 pages and PDF file size only 0.7 MB. The following article in this ebook.
  • Maag ji Gaal 
  • Maag jo Daag
  • Miti ja Manrhoo
  • Ik Desi Isq jo Dastan
  • Star Circus jo Joker
  • Tehian Dunya
  • Parhlao
  • Hoo, Man ae Hoo
  • The Most Dangerous Men in Pakistan
  • Barh Jo Gam
  • Tarikh Jo Kafan

Sindhi Short Stories by Amar Jaleel Tareekh jo Kafan

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