Islamic History Book in Urdu PDF Tareekh-e-Islam Jild 1 By Akbar Shah


Islamic History book in Urdu Tareekh-e-Islam Jild 1 (Volum 1) written by Akbar Shah Khan Najeeb Abadi. Free download in PDF or read online. A legitimate Islamic history book finishes section 1 in Urdu dialect. History remains as the best and profitable wellspring of putting the country on the course of advancement and success and sparing them from the way of disfavor and debasement. At once, when there is intense rivalry among the countries of the world to exceed expectations each other, the Muslim, in spite of having the most wonderful history, give off an impression of being confined and thoughtless as respects their history. You may be read Islamic Dynasties by C.E. Bosworth in Urdu and Stories Of The Prophets.
Islamic History Books Urdu

Tareekh-e-Islam Jild 1

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