Tareekh E Farishta Urdu PDF History of India By Muhammad Qasim


تاریخ فرشتہ
حصہ اول – دوم
 محمد قاسم فرشتہ
Tareekh E Farishta Urdu PDF

Tareekh E Farishta Vol 1 and 2 composed by Muhammad Qasim. This is Urdu translated book contained Four sections and was deciphered by Khawaja Abdul Haye (Mushfaq Khawaja) translated from the Persian dialect into Urdu. The complete history of Hindustan or India in Urdu. Tareekh Farishta Part 1 and 2 and translate into the Urdu language by Abdul Haye Khawaja published by Al Meezan Nashran Urdu Kutub Lahore Pakistan. Study complete Indian Muslim History Hindustan ki Mukammaal Tareekh PDF free download or read online. The history of Muslim Empires in India and read biographies, wars and attack history in Hindustan.The translator of this book Abdul Haye Khawaja he is a famous poet, researcher, Article writer and translator. Urdu translation of the  Persian book Tareekh Frishta. This book available here 2 parts Volume 1 and 2 and published in total four parts.  This literature as long as 346 pages and pdf file 15.8 MB.You can download more books in Urdu like Tareekh Tamaddun e Hind Civilization History of India by Muhammad Mujeeb and The History of Tipu Sultan PDF Urdu book.

Hindustan Ki Mukammal Tareekh Urdu Kutub PDF Book:

The following main below contents in this book:

  • Shri Krishan
  • Maha Bharat
  • Musilamun Ka Aqeeda
  • Kishan Ki Hakoomat
  • Maharaj
  • Raja Sooraj
  • Hindustan me Buth Parasti
  • Hindu Empires
  • Amir Nasir ul Din
  • Biographies of Indian Muslim Hukumran
  • Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi
  • Ameer Muhammad bin Mahmud Gaznavi
  • Shahab uddin Gouri
  • Sultan Qutub Din Aibak
  • Razia Sultana
  • Jalal din Fehroz Khalji
  • Hala Uddin Khalji
  • Amir khusro
Tareekh Farishta Urdu
History India Urdu Book

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