Tarbiyat E Aulad by Sheikh Mukhtar Ahmed Madni


تربیتِ اولاد 
اور والدین کی ذ مہ داریاں 

محمد جمیل زینو
Free download or read online Islamic book  Tarbiyat e Aulaad By Muhammad bin Jamil Zeno Urdu Translation by Sheikh Mukhtar Ahmed Madni.The guiding principles for parents to raise children as good Muslims and good human beings. For a complete listing of the tracks or topics discussed in these lectures, see below.Muhammad bin Jamil Zeno (1925 – Gregorian calendar month 2010) was Associate in Nursing Islamic scholar and author. His name has conjointly been transliterated otherwise within the English-speaking world. While his publishers Dar-Us-Salam, capital city of Saudi Arabia translate it as ‘Muhammad bin Jamil Zeno’, it’s conjointly rendered as Muhammad Bin Zainu. Zeno was born in the metropolis, an Asian country in 1925 (1344 AH).His work is extensively recognized, however, is additionally polemic, particularly in prisons.Zeno (as Zainu) options heavily within the 2005 report ‘Saudi Publications On Hate Ideology Invade Yankee Mosques’., by Freedom House, the New York-based human rights organization. Zeno’s book, ‘Islamic tips for Individual and Social Reform’, featured within the 2007 PBS Frontline documentary Homegrown: Islam In jail, that was a part of the America at a Crossroads tv series. The documentary states that his books were distributed to prisons by the polemic Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation. 

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