Taraiqiyati Policy Ki Islami Tashkeel by Pro Khurshid


The Speeches of Pro Khurshid in Urdu

ترقیاتی پالیسی اسلامی تشکیل

 پروفیسر خورشید
Free download Urdu Islamic PDF book Taraikiyati Policy Ki Islami Tashkeel Muslim Dunya Ke Liye Lahe Amal (Islamic Approach to Development Some Policy Implication) by Profesor Khursheed, the book of the speeches of Pro Khurshid. Read in this book about Self financing sustained growth, Self-reliance and new International Economy, Muslim world and IMF world Bank Policy, Muslim Response, The Muslim world and the Future Economic Order. PDF file size is 4.6 MB with total 159 pages.

Islamic Approach to Development Policy Urdu

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