Taleem Aur Samaji Nizam By Qazi Jawed

تعلیم اور سماجی نظام

قاضی جاوید

Free Download Or read Online pdf copy book of Taleem Aur Samaji Nizam By Qazi Jawed This is Urdu translation Book of  Education and the Social Order written By Bertrand Russell translated in Urdu by Qazi Javed.Despite the adverse abortion of his one applied the attack to actualize an absolute school, Russell consistently strove to ad-lib an arrangement of apprenticeship chargeless from repression. Here Russell dissects the motives abaft abundant educational approach and conveyance and attacks the access of chauvinism, snobbery and money. Energetically discussed and debated are discipline, accustomed ability, competition, chic distinction, bureaucracy, finance, religion, sex education, accompaniment against clandestine schools, apprenticeship in Russia,

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