Sweet Urdu Recipes Metay Pakwan by Anam Bhati


میٹھے پکوان 
انعم اظہر بھٹی
Sweet Urdu Recipes Metay Pakwan by Anam Bhati

Pakistani  Dessert Sweets Mithai Urdu Recipes “Metay Pakwan” by Anam Azar Bhati. A complete kitchen Guide PDF book for cooks, How to make (Sweet) Halwa, make a deferent type of dishes with this Urdu book. weight measuring scale guideline (naphthol), dry measures metrics system into imperial system( gram to Aons), Desi measures system,helpful measures, Liquids measures.how to make akhrot ka halwa, Adrak aur Badam ka halwa, Halo (Potato) ka halwa, Mater ka halwa, Andoon (EEG) ka halwa, Papety ka halwa, jalebi, Chane ki dal, Chohary, kadu, sohin, soji, make all type of halwa sweet dishes.Pakistani cooking sweet dishes in Urdu tips and tricks.

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