Susraal Funny Novel By Shaukat Thanvi PDF Free Download

Susraal Funny Novel
Susraal Funny Novel by Shaukat Thanvi PDF free download or read online. The Urdu book Susraal Novel Pdf is a brilliant interesting novel by Shaukat Thanvi. In this Urdu novel, the author examined the relations of the men with their relations in-laws. He communicated the sentiments of a child in law who urgent with the demonstrations of his relatives. Shaukat Thanvi made an amusing circumstance in the book. Shaukat Thanvi was an acclaimed story author, writer, humorist, and reporter. He composed some amazing books and books yet earned much acclaim for his silliness work. He presented numerous lifetime characters like Qazi Jee and Munshi.
Susraal Funny Novel

Susraal By Shaukat Thanvi

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