Surah Yaseen PDF Download With Urdu Translation And Tafseer

Surah Yaseen Tafseer PDF
Surah Yaseen PDF download Arabic With Urdu Translation And Tafseer free PDF Download or read online Quran Tarjuma and Tafseer (interpretation) by Syed Abu Ala Maudoodi. Easily get a pdf file from the below links. Surah Yasin is the thirty-sixth surah of the Holy Quran. It has 83 verses.
Regarding the timing and contextual background of the meant revelation, it’s far an earlier “Meccan surah”, this means that it’s far believed to have been revealed in Mecca, rather than later in Medina. Now read and understand Islam and the Quran in your Local Urdu Language. I hope You like This Post and share it with others.
Surah Yaseen Tarjuma

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