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Sultan Shamsuddin Altamash PDF was a Mamluk king who ruled over a large part of India. He was the first Muslim king to rule Delhi independently. For this reason, he is also called the first founder of the Delhi Empire. This book contains the story and biography of this great king and its author is Aslam Rahi MA.

Sultan Shamsuddin Altamash PDF biography book

Basic information about Sultan:

Sultan Shamsuddin Altamash belonged to a poor family. His father’s name was Elim. Altamash was a great man from a young age who was far-sighted and handsome. These were the qualities that made Altamash stand out more than his brothers.

The story of the Sultan is similar to that of Hazrat Yousaf A.S. His brothers were also jealous and his father was more loving. The same was the case with the brothers of Prophet Yusuf A.S.

How Sultan Shamsuddin Altamash Become a king:

The Sultan’s brothers were jealous of him, as mentioned earlier. One day the brothers told their father that they wanted to take Shamsuddin with them to the horse market. At the child’s insistence, the father gave permission. So they took this beautiful baby with them. Going to the market, they sold their brother to a trader at a high price.

The businessman was impressed by the child’s beauty and intelligence. He sold Shamsuddin to a relative of the king of Bukhara. In this way, the child reached the royal family. Later, his ability and great abilities made Shamsuddin the Sultan of the time.

Details of Sultan Shamsuddin Altamash PDF:

No. of Volumes: 1

Author Name: Aslam Rahi MA

Category: Biography, Muslim Personalities, Islamic History,

Number of pages: 93

Language: Urdu

PDF File Size: 2.7 MB

PDF Book Name: Sultan Shamsuddin Altamash Urdu

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