Sulah Hudaibiya By Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail Islamic History


Sulah Hudaibiya Urdu Book
Sulah Hudaibiya by Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail Islamic History Urdu book this book translated into the Urdu language by Shaykh Akhtar Fatehpuri. This book about the treaty of Hudaibiya. The history of peace is a great event in the history of Muslims, its far-reaching results and useful effects have become manifest. The significance of reconciliation can also be gauged that the Quran has called it “Fateh Mubeen” and “Nasr Aziz”. All Muslim scholars agree that the Suleh Hudebia is Turing point of Islam Even though famous historian and Fazl al-Islami, Dr Hamidullah, described Shahid Habibibah as a masterpiece of politics as a dictator. The book is under reference to the book of Allama Mohammad Ahmad Bashmail and has been offered the “Akhtar Fateh full” function to transfer it to Urdu. This book is highlighted on the basis of peace talks, conditions, testimony, the suggestion of Umma Salma’ma, the virtue of Shaykh’s virtue, lessons of Suleh Hadebiyah, great benefits and the living pattern of the United Islamic. This Urdu book is a fascinating and fascinating way for people related to political and military affairs. You may be read Fatah Khaibar and Ghazwa Bani Quraizah.
Sulah Hudaibiya Ahmad Bashmail

Sulah Hudaibiya History

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