Sugarcane New Varieties And Types PDF Urdu Booklet


Kamad (Gana) Production New Technique

کماد) گنا کی نئی ترقی یافتہ شکل)

Free Download Sugarcane Production Urdu booklet,   Sugarcane is an essential business crop, which is the fundamental crude material for the production of sugar. Accordingly, it has modern significance per-hectare yield and percent sugar recuperation is the two components contributing towards generation of sugar. Subsequently while growing new assortments of sugarcane, these two elements get prime significance in the psyches of Scientists (reproducers). The work of growing new assortments is a continious process and more current assortments are presented for development after certain interim. In Maharashtra, sugarcane examination is completed for the most part at Padegaon, close Neera in Pune District. This exploration station has advanced 13 new assortments. Get PDF for offline reading or read online.

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