Sorry Mummy by Ismat Chughtai Afsanay Urdu Short Stories PDF Book


Best Urdu Afsana Book PDF Free Download 

سوری ممی

 عصمت چغتائی

ismat chughtai short stories

Best free Afsanay (Short novels) of famous Urdu literature writer Ismat Chughtai for free download in PDF format or read online, the title name of this book “Sorry Mummy”. It is a great gathering of some Urdu short stories which depicts diverse issues and problems of the general population. The essayist concentrated on the issues of the females in our general public. She censured the practices of the men towards the ladies. Ismat Chughtai is the best Urdu writer she writes some top story, Afsanay and novels now this book as long as 78 pages and files size 4.7 MB. you may read Bari Sharam Ki Baat and Ganjay Farishtay.

Sorry Mummy Ismat Chughtai
ismat chughtai novels

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