Social Studies And Islamiat Punjab Textbook Board 7th Class Books

اسلامیات، معاشرتی علوم 

Social studies 7th class

The book Social Study and Islamic Study 7th class book in Urdu, that was published by Punjab textbook board Lahore since 2012. The writer of this literature is Mrs. Nighat Naheed and Dr. Hasan Askari Rizvi. Now you can download a free PDF copy for offline reading or read online, This is seventh class Islamiat and Islamic Study (Mohashrati Uloom) School textbook for help student for making notes and answers and question for Examination test. Total 65 pages and file size 5 MB. This is an also best general knowledge and very informative ebook read from online internet Urdu library. You may be read  Imtian Me Kayabi ki Kitab and Islamic Studies Answer Question Class X notes.
The following content in this book:

  • Pakistan and Muslim Countries
  • Islamic Society (Islami Muhashra)
  • Islamic World
  • Mulamanun me Bedari
  • Muslim Dunya Tibbi Khad o Khal
  • Muslim Mumalik ki Aap Hawa (Weather)
  • The resources of Muslim countries 
  • The peoples of Muslim world
  • Muslim Mumalik ki Tijarat
  • Citizenships life in Pakistan
  • Geography of Islamic Countries 

Mohashrati Uloom and Islamic Study Urdu Book Pages:

Social Study Islamiat Urdu

Social Studies Islamic

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