Six Thinking Hats Book in Urdu by Edward De Bono PDF

Six Thinking Hats Book Urdu
Six Thinking Hats Book in Urdu by Edward De Bono Pdf download or read online. Shahzad Nayyar is that the translator of the book Soch Ke Nirale Dhang Pdf. This Urdu Book could be a translation of a celebrated English book, Six Thinking Hats by Edward American state Bono. during this book, the author describes completely different techniques in thinking which will modification the full lifetime of a person. He introduced the concept of later thinking that became a replacement subject in science. He tried to teach the individuals to bring new ideas in each field of a sensible life. Edward American state Bono gave new solutions to the issues of individuals that they’re facing these days. This book gained an abundant appreciation of individuals and reborn to several languages within the world. Edward American state Bono could be a celebrated doc, scientist, writer, and inducement. In his career, he authored dozens of books and attained worldwide fame. He introduced several new theories and fabricated some distinctive things. Shahzad Nayyar could be a celebrated writer, and thinker created the book simple for Urdu readers. Now get free pdf copy from below links.

Soch Ke Nirale Dhang

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