Siraje Munir By Aslam Rahi M.A Islamic History Urdu Novel Part 1

Siraje Munir composed by Aslam Rahi M.A Islamic History Urdu Novel Part 1 free download or read online. Aslam Rahi famous historical Urdu novels writer he composed many popular Muslim history books or novels in local Urdu language. The Urdu book Siraj e Muneer has concentrated on the political, financial, geological, and social circumstance of Arabia. There were different clans which kept on battling with one another. The ladies deceived, and the young ladies covered alive. The drinking of Alcohol and the carnage in retribution were the conventions in Arabia. The general population adored to the symbols and had faith in the duality of God. They were superstitious and had fear about the magicians. This Urdu book Siraj e Muneer Pdf contains the lifecycle of Holy Prophet PBUH. In this paper, the creator depicts the Seerat of Holy Prophet and emerging of Islam in Arabia. He told this in the state of a story. The story is energizing and the premise of realities. Aslam Rahi cited legitimate references and identities. This Urdu book is about life and message of last Nabi Kareem Muhammad Rasool Allah (SAW) and Islam. You also download Siraje Munir Part 2 and Saqlia Ka Mujahid.
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