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In this article, we are going to share Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Halat E Zindagi In Urdu with you. He was also called Taqwa Syed. His grandfather was a very important person and his name was Syed Hadi. His services are very important in the freedom movement. He has also written many books in his life.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Halat E Zindagi In Urdu article

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan ke Halat E Zindagi:

He was born in 1817 in Delhi. He received his primary education in his homeland. He continued his education and training in his native Delhi. Here he mastered Urdu, Arabic, and Persian. At the same time, he mastered Ilm Sarf o Nahav and engaged in the service of Muslims.

Sir Syed’s youth:

Sir Syed’s time was spent in colorful companionship. Participated in garden tours, fairs, shows, and meetings. But as soon as his brother died, Sir Syed’s heart was touched by the colorful company. Leaving modern clothing and colorful nature, they became attracted to goodness. He shaved his head, grew a long beard, and put on a shirt. The love of the colorful youth gradually diminished in them and the color of Maulvi began to rise day by day. Then he became completely in the service of the Muslims.

Death of Sir Syed:

He died on March 27, 1898, after 22 years of service to the nation. He died at 10 pm in Aligarh. He was buried in the college mosque.

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