Siah Phool Urdu Novel By A Hameed Free Download


Free PDF Download Siah Phool Urdu Novel 

سیاہ پھول ناول

Download Popular A Hameed Urdu Novel “Siah Phool”. Hameed’s first accumulation of short stories got prominent approval. Aside from composing short stories and books, he composed segments for national daily papers. He additionally composed for radio and television.The story is about that teacher who confronts a lot of issues throughout her life. Abdul Hameed has composed this novel in an exceptionally excellent manner. The narrative of this novel may be genuine and has a place with a genuine School educator yet the likelihood of fiction still exists. However, this is an exceptionally lovely Urdu story of a young lady who is instructing in a school and now harmed because of which she can’t go to class to educate the kids. Siah Phool implies the Black Flower. Get PDF copy of this novel from this blog or read online.

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