Shutar Ghumzay By Major Ishaq Muhammad Free Book Download


The story of a Punjabi farmer’s son, appointments as an officer in the British Army. Shutar Ghumzay written by Major Ishaq Muhammad free book download in PDF or read online. The Urdu book Shutar Ghumzay is a superb personal history by Major Ishaq Muhammad (Aiak Pujabi kisan ka baita jese British Army me afsari mili). The creator talked about his life, however, his essential spotlight is on the second world war. He portrays the occasions of Burma front. He joined the British armed force as an officer and took an interest in the war. Major Ishaq Muhammad was a popular author from Pakistan, human right extremist, and previously armed force officer. He took a functioning part in the Kashmir war. He assembled some incredible books in the political history of Pakistan. Now get pdf file copy of this book from the end of this article. You may read Dosri Jang e Azeem Ki Holnak Waqiat by Qaisi Rampuri and Adolf Hitler by Maqsood Shaikh.
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