Sher Shah Suri By Diya Bhaskar in Urdu By Mumtaz Mirza


Sher Shah Suri written by Vidya Bhaskar and Translate into Urdu by Mumtaz Ahmed Urdu Book Sher Shah Soori, conceived Farid Khan, was the author of the Suri Empire in the northern piece of the Indian subcontinent, with its capital in Sasaram in advanced Bihar. An ethnic Pashtun, Sher Shah assumed responsibility for the Mughal Empire in 1538. After his unplanned demise in 1545, his child Islam Shah turned into his successor. The creator of Univer also awarded a complete code of guidance to guide man when he was given the position of Khilafah. From the beginning to the present, this religion is the religion of Islam. In order to spread his teachings on the earth, Allah has sent down one hundred twenty-four thousand prophets, from Adam to Hazrat Muhammad, and entrusts them all with the responsibility of establishing the true relation of the Creator and the transcendent. Please. Since the Prophets had the Shari’ah until the Day of Judgment, the scholars of the Ummah Mohammadiyah promoted this duty after the Prophet. One of these great personalities is Sher Shah Suri. The commentary book is exclusively on his personality. The book is mainly in the Pashto language which has been translated in this book by Silas and Muhawarra. In this book Sher Shah Suri’s life situation. And his achievements are described ‘because he was a wise and very wise ruler of the most distant of his time’, and also the characteristic of him that he was the son of a very modest feudal, and he simply braved his’ extraordinary. Daredevil, hard work and fiercely acquired the throne of Delhi. The style of the book is excellent ‘simple and common sense. This book “Sher Shah Suri” was compiled by Vidya Bhaskar and translated by Mumtaz Mirza. You are fond of writing a book ‘There are dozens of other books besides this book. May Allaah reward the Companions and Assistants with the reward of reward and make this book a collection of beauty in their balance and make it profitable.
شیر شاہ سوری
دوبا بھاسکر

ممتاز احمد
Sher Shah Suri Diya Bhaskar

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