Shari Dam Se Ilaj Magar Kaise By Abu Muslim Ghazi


Shari Dam Se Ilaj Magar Kaise by Abu Muslim Ghazi Urdu Islamic book in Urdu pdf free download. Unlike the methods described in the book of Wisdom for the treatment of diseases related to magic and giants, many people seem to treat patients with demonic and seductive miracles, the majority of whom consider themselves merely patients under the influence of epilepsy. The subject of magic is one of the important topics that scholars need to pursue through precise and authored writings. Because magic is practically in full swing in our societies, and magicians are engaged in spreading mischief day and night in exchange for a few rupees, which they deal with weak believers and those who are inferior to their Muslim brethren. They are happy to see them suffer from the punishment of magic, so it is important for scholars to warn people about the dangers of magic and the dangers of magic, and to treat magic in a systematic way so that people can break it and cure it. Don’t turn to so-called strange causes. Commentary book “How to treat but with the cure?” Leading eminent spiritual leader of the Arab countries, Shaykh Abu Muslim Ghazi bin Mohsin Qarifa, has compiled this book in light of the most scholarly and practical methods. In which he discusses topics such as asthma symptoms, common ways of avoiding spiritual illnesses, types of magic, types of asthma, as well as the usefulness of his experiences in the treatment of light magic, giants. Ghazni ingredients are also mentioned that are useful in treating these diseases.
شرعی دم سے علاج مگر کیسے
Shari Dam Se Ilaj Magar Kaise

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