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Shaheen Urdu historical novel was written by Naseem Hijazi in Urdu who is Pakistani Islamic antiquarian and author Naseem Hijazi. Naseem Hijazi Urdu author renowned for composing Islamic Historical Urdu fiction stories Born in Aisa he settled in Lahore, Pakistan after autonomy. His Urdu books in view of Islamic history are viewed as unique in Urdu writing. It points to interest the circumstance of the Muslims in Granada in 1492 when they were going to be ousted from Spain. Shaheen rotates around an imaginary character Badr bin Mughaira who lived in the most recent days of Moorish Granada, Abu-Abdullah (The last King of Spain) and Musa Bin Ibe-Ghusan. The novel relates every one of the occasions that happened with Abu-Abdullah and Musa with a couple of invented occasions. Naseem Hijazi splendidly mapped and displayed everything about a formed way and left perusers in a condition of limbo-at the shoreline of Granada. Educational modules inductive Urdu book.
Another famous Urdu novel by a famous writer advises us that the individuals who don’t gain from history will undoubtedly rehash it with critical results. Read In this Story, Hijazi revealed to us the account of individuals shows at the demise bed of the Muslim time of Spain. The reasons were like what each country experiences amid their fall; absence of enthusiasm for the prosperity of society overall, moral corruption, dismissing their objectives, and obviously, the tricksters inside. He focused on the point that God may pardon the transgressions of individual people, yet not the aggregate goofs of a country. now download PDF or read online from this blog. You may be read more Urdu novels by Naseem Hizaji Akhri Chatan and Qaisar o Kisra.

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