Shaheed Namoos e Risalat Amir Abdur Rehman Cheema Free Book


شھید ناموس رسالت

 عامر عبد الرحمان چیمہ

Shaheed Namoos e Risalat Amir Abdur Rehman Cheema

Free download or read online  biography Urdu book “Shaheed Aamir Cheema ” written By Muhammad Mateen Khalid. Amir Abdur Rehman Cheema was a 28-year-old Pakistani material designing understudy who entered the business locales of the German day by day daily paper. Die Welt on March 20, 2006, with a huge blade and endeavored to murder Roger Köppel. Cheema was later captured by building security guards. He conceded his purpose was to execute Roger Köppel, an editorial manager at the paper, for republishing the Jyllands-Posten drawing of Muhammad. On May 3, while anticipating trial and in German police guardianship, he was discovered dead in his cell. Pakistanis addressed the German’s official variant of the story. While gossipy tidbits spread after his demise that he was tormented in the German jail, the German powers created a suicide note for Pakistan’s outside office. sometime during the examination, the German legal framework closed his passing was a suicide. However, a group of nine senior FIA authorities from Pakistan reasoned that indications of unfairness were available and his demise was because of torture.german powers’ augmented sub-par collaboration towards Pakistani examiners and denied access to essential confirmation when the recent went by Berlin in the month of May to confirm the reason for Aamir’s demise. Extra Director General FIA (Federal Investigational Agency) Tariq Khosa told the senate council few days after the fact, that Cheema’s situation is anything but hopeful and the primary vein of his heart was cut off, which plainly demonstrated that the Pakistani 


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